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Ground level
First floor
Second floor
Third floor

In the old days, the Jordaan was full of grocersí, bakersí, dairies and several other small shops, all catering for the local residentsí daily shopping requirements. In addition, numerous old trades were plied in the area and the products of these trades sold in the adjoining shop.

With the arrival of the large supermarkets and department stores, the majority of these small businesses disappeared. Over a period, these deserted shop premises have been occupied by other sorts of shops; for example boutiques selling alternative clothes. In addition, the area has witnessed the establishment of an increasing number of specialist businesses.

Many people view the shops in the Jordaan as a welcome change from the large and impersonal shops in the city centre and other shopping centres.

H&M Vastgoed owns one of these unique shops situated on the Prinsengracht in the heart of the Jordaan. This shop space has a floor area of approximately 90 square metres spread over various levels; it also boasts a large shop-window and central heating. The designation of these premises allows a number of activities to be carried out on the premises, for example retail, catering or estate agency.

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