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Eerste verdieping

‘Het Noorderveld’ is a recently developed industrial estate in Zaanstad-Noord. Its well-located position on the N 246 has attracted numerous companies and guarantees Alkmaar, Wormerland, Purmerend and Amsterdam (via A8) are all quickly and easily accessible.

The entrance of ‘Het Noorderveld’ (phase 2) will be occupied by large-scale retail outlets such as home improvement and furniture stores; that is outlets which form a great attraction to a wide public.

At this first-rate location, H&M Vastgoed is offering modern business premises. The property has central heating (a Combi boiler) an up-and-over door with considerable clearance, soft furnishings, a pantry, kitchen, toilet facilities and electricity.

The layout
Both the ground floor and the floor on which the unit is situated consist of approximately 55 square metres. On completion, the unit will be handed over with a staircase and landing.

free parking.

Maximum floor weight: 1000 kg/m2
Height of the up and over door: 300 cm
Width of the up-and-over door: 300 cm

The ground floor and the floor on which the unit is situated may be rented separately as well as in combination